Corporate Video

The term “corporate video” doesn’t usually grab the attention of partners and prospective clients. That is changing as big brands and small businesses change their approach to the traditional corporate video. Increasingly, companies are trying to find ways to create content that can engage and entertain audiences instead of just trying to sell them something or promote the company.

Focus on camera shooting man who is cooking at home for tv show

Video Content

One of the advantages of a video is that you create the story the way you decide is better for showing your vision. The client has an idea, we develop his idea and create a great looking video.

Events Video

We were here too, social events are very emotional to the public. It was a pleasure to shoot a motivational video on stage.  The work we made on filming, was meant to highlight the key points of the event.


Animation / Video Explainer

The web is now a crowded, cut-throat environment. It’s no longer enough to simply produce a web video, upload it and expect audiences to be impressed. Our web videos also change attitudes, create emotion – and inspire action.

Music Video

Being part of this event means being part of Romanian music history. We filmed with multiple cameras, crane while mixing in real time the whole show.

Investec "What We Do" TVC